Harper Life Magazine 2020

—Harper Life Nov 2020 4 —HARPERADAMS CLUB SCHOLARS 2019/2020 There were a record 99 applications for the Harper Adams Club scholarships offered this year and it was a privilege to interview an impressive 17 shortlisted candidates, of which seven benefited. First class Bioveterinary Science graduate Elin Cunningham (MSc Entomology) was awarded the prestigious Postgraduate Scholarship. Elin’s Master’s research project is studying the respiratory and gastrointestinal nematodes of the re introduced Red Billed Chough population in Jersey. Elin is very active on Harper social media and in local schools, talking about her MSc studies, other wildlife and birds, and the values of a rural campus and varieties in student life. The Final Year Scholar was a student of understated high calibre, Sian Williamson (BSc (Hons) Business Management and Marketing), whose confidence has developed during her time at Harper, leading to a successful placement at Mornflake. Hockey enthusiast Sian has also been SU RAG officer and course representative. The Extended Foundation Degree Scholarship went to Rachel Cornthwaite (BSc (Hons) Agriculture with Farm Business Management) from a Cumbrian stock farming background with an interest in agronomy, who aspires to be a farm business consultant. The inaugural Animal and Veterinary Sciences Scholarship, established to recognise the relative lack of scholarship opportunities in these subject areas, was won by engaging 2nd year student Imogene Munns (BSc (Hons) Veterinary Nursing). Imogene’s amazing passion shone through, describing the family atmosphere at Harper and her plans to become a large animal head nurse and mentor to nurses of the future. A discretional President’s Scholarship was awarded to Sophie Purbrick (BSC (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare) who, following her placement at Chester Zoo, has been invited to present research on elephant sleep behaviour. Two further President’s Awards were made to Hua Ying Baker, a thought provoking BSc (Hons) Automotive Engineering (Off Highway) final year student who can envisage owning a private vehicle in 25 years becoming a thing of the past for many and EFD graduate Kelly Billington (BEng Mechanical Engineering) who aspires to a career in aerospace and chose Harper for the course’s practical nature. —2020ALUMNI DINNER The Alumni Dinner this year was cancelled due to the pandemic so, with fingers crossed, we are planning an even bigger event next year to cover the Golden Reunions (1970/1971 starters), Silver Reunions (1995/1996 starters) and the 10 year Reunions (2010/2011 starters). We hope to announce the date soon. However everyone is welcome. Including the Millennial starters (2000) who will be celebrating 21 years since starting at Harper. More details will be sent out early 2021, when hopefully it will become clearer whether such events can go ahead. —REGIONAL EVENTS It is also hoped that the Club will be re-introducing regional events when it is safe to do so. We already have a volunteer from Scotland. If anyone would like to volunteer for their area, please contact us. Some support can be offered such as electronic mailouts and promotion via Facebook page and Newsletters. Send us an email: theharperadamsclub@ gmail.com —HARPERADAMS CLUB CENTENARY CELEBRATIONS 2020/2021 Again, our plans for a dinner on 30th November 2020 to celebrate the Harper Adams Club Centenary have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. It is hoped that the Club will hold a celebration at Harper in July 2021. NEWS FROM THE HARPER ADAMS CLUB www.harper-adams.ac.uk