Harper Life Magazine 2020

3 —HARPERADAMS CLUB CENTENARYCELEBRATIONS 2021 On 30th November 1920 around forty former students met at the Grand Hotel in Birmingham for the first official gathering of the Harper Adams Club in the aftermath of the last worldwide pandemic. We were not, of course, able to mark the anniversary this November but we would love, when it is possible, to celebrate the centenary of the inaugural meeting at Harper in July 1921, captured by the image below. —WENEEDYOURHELP TOCELEBRATE! The essence of The Harper Adams Club can be crystallised as the bringing together of the sense of spirit, community and friendship felt by past and present students alike, which so often becomes lifelong and gets stronger long after studies are complete. We feel this is something to celebrate and we are appealing to anyone who may be interested in joining a Centenary Celebration Planning Committee to contact us. We do not envisage this being very onerous, as we would make use of technology to overcome geographical barriers, but would like input and ideas from as many as possible to help make the plans a success. If you would like to help with planning, (thank you to those who have already volunteered – we’ll be in touch soon) or have any suggestions on how to celebrate the Harper Adams Club Centenary please send an email to: theharperadamsclub@gmail.com We look forward to hearing you. You can use the same address to contact members of the Club Committee or to share any items of interest. Over the last hundred years the roles and activities of The Club have continuously evolved and have included numerous social and sporting events, reunions at shows, fundraising, further education for alumni on best practice and supporting the production of the Harper Life journal combining news from alumni and Harper itself. Club members have also been able to support the institution with careers advice, placement and scholarship provision and in a recent survey on reasons for studying at Harper Adams it is clear that word of mouth recommendations from Club members, with fond memories of their time spent at Harper, still have a massive positive impact on recruitment. Harper Life Nov 2020 — www.harper-adams.ac.uk NEWS FROM THE HARPER ADAMS CLUB